All About Props!

When you rent Shutter Bomb Photo Booth for your wedding or event, you’ll be supplied with a variety of high quality boutique props-on-sticks. We chose these because they’re unique and utterly classic. The props are stationed right there in the booth within reach, so your guests can swap out for each photo in the strip.


Our props include a variety of glasses, lips, moustaches, bowties, alcoholic drinks, Team Bride and Team Groom flags, a heart, a pipe, chalkboard speech bubbles, and everyone’s random favorite – a pineapple.

Krysta & Kyle Photo Booth 2017

Dana & Stephanie Photo Booth 2018 Tricia & Matt Photo Booth 2017

In addition, you’re welcome to provide your own props. We just ask that you also provide a table to put them on. Party on!