Pack ‘Em In!

At every event, there seems to be an unspoken challenge to see how many people can fit at one time in the photo booth.  Think you can beat the record?

15 people stuffed in photo booth picture in Fort Wayne, Indiana

While the photo booth is fantastic for 2-6 people (and can easily fit a few more) things start to get crazy when heads appear from all directions. It’s impossible not to laugh and smile as your guests shuffle for position to insert themselves into the shot.

And with our live on-screen preview, and open air design, it makes it easy to pack the photo.  You can see exactly what will be in the final shot, so all that’s left to do is watch the countdown, smile, and try not to lose your footing as you precariously embrace your Aunt Sally for balance.

And in case you’re wondering, the current record is 15 people!